SONDAY Syndication CEO Kermit Simms, once interviewed Cathy Hughes in Atlanta. After watching this Breakfast Club interview of Cathy Hughes, I called my writer, producer, Director, friend of film Preacher’s Kid, Stan Foster Media CEO. I told him I want to do a sequel film on senior care in a new Preacher’s Kid…

SONDAY Syndication CEO Kermit Simms is sponsoring the distribution of the All The Kings Children 501c apprenticeship program to finance the sponsorship of two films (1) A sequel to Preacher’s Kid that will be used to promote his Silver Screen in home Senior Care business &

(2) A film on the incredible community development vision of the unmatched radio syndication pioneer, Cathy Hughes. So I need to begin….

(1) 50 National life insurance agent’s who will refer two 62+ senior clients who will sponsor one of their own family members to live with him or her. Why? This SONDAY Syndication CEO’s mutual fund alternative.

The Senior aged 62+ will purchase a Digital Personal Seat License a Broadcast Media Territory license and enrollment of a family member to be certified in All The King’s Children 501c apprenticeship program? Why? The family member will operate Business Finance Suite 360 firm included Preacher’s Kid Branded healthcare staffing firm.

(2) with a Preacher’s Kid ordained minister

((3) 100 Atlanta Registered Nurses that CEO will place two RN over one of the 50 states of 16 County territories of Preacher’s Kid Digital Healthcare staffing & finance firms.

Deangelo referred life agent Greg Carter to our original research & development team of Just Do Jesus Mobile Ministry. Greg Carter is an Atlanta based life insurance agent.

SONDAY Syndication CEO Kermit Simms has completed for Atlanta Agent Carolyn Rich the enrollment of 16 life insurance agents in the capital city of Harrisburg, PA.

SIMMS IS enrolling 16 agents @ ATL HQs for state of GA to be positioned (like ATL Agent Carolyn Rich, with 16 Life Agents) for ATL AGENT & TWO NURSE TEAMS.

How? One life insurance agent in each of the 50 states will enroll two of his age 62+ clients who sponsors the All the Kings Children virtual live event studio audience personal seat license sales to co-sponsors your $42,000 Tesla Model 3. You ppgrade it to a driverless Robotaxi, it will generate for you a $30,000 per year income.

A driverless Tesla Robotaxi generated $30,000 per year income “for you for way less money” for you than $300,000 sitting at 10% interest in your bank, 401k or IRA.

The $17,500 & $350 mo co-sponsored by SONDAY Syndication State Media Territory combined with a your virtual Live event studio audience personal seat license is the best way for ATKC’s to co-sponsor your driverless Tesla Robotaxi. It is SONDAY Syndication CEO’s #1 & #2 billionaire tools for you to buy as a mutual fund alternative.

All The King’s Children 501 C Director & Preacher’ Kid Writer, Director & Producer, Stan Foster of the faith-based film Preacher’s Kid will partner with the 1st 100 Atlanta based RN’s (2 RN’s will be placed over each of the 50 state media territory for Preacher’s Kid Branded Healthcare Digital Staffing, Financing & Tesla Promotional Firms).The cost for program entry is $6497 for our Business Credit & Financing preparation process for each RN @ BFS 360 & $350 per month for RN to hold the state media territory.

For All the King’s Children 501 C3 to grant to a RN who qualifies for a Tesla Model 3 & $2400 Housing Allowance & Large commercial loan commissions prior to even being granted the rights to a Preacher’s Kid Branded state media territory,

1st 100 ATL RNs are asked to do some volunteer work with a non-profit organization in Atlanta @ 1 Powerhouse.

Stan Foster is both the owner of Silver Screen in-home healthcare staffing and the owner of Stan Foster Media.

Stan Foster wrote, directed, produced the faith-based film the Preacher’s Kid.

Dr Georgene Chase, DDS MPH will certify each of 100 RNs Atlanta life insurance agents to finance & buy dental practices & have them managed by graduates of Fortune Management.

See Dr Chase CV @ For any more details See only @ fortune website

8. One 501C3 Homeless ministry director Demi @ to 1PH 

Diana & Joshua prototype CCTG team was referred to us by Kevin Lambert, a SONDAY CEO Simms prepared & CCTG Finance Executive.

The 8 incomes & 8 Employee Benefits Alternative program is Digitally administration by Netchex 8. Joshua’s money is earned in his mother “Diana” home.

So the salaried income for the All of the King’s Children apprenticeship sponsored CNA assigned to “Diana”, is sponsored by Joshua, her son.

I Powerhouse team in Atlanta has partnered with All the King’s Children 501c3 to build a team of 100 RNs to oversee CNA to address senior healthcare & family members of senior crisis in ATL.

All The Kings Children 501ce unites with the 1st 100 RNs who re-direct their 401ks investments to begin supporting CNA (certified Nursing Assistants & Life insurance agents & a senior family attending our senior industry comprehensive pre-paid apprenticeships).

One life insurance agent, a CNA & a family member follow the example of former Senator, but now former President Barack Obama.

While back in 2007 for then “Senator” Obama to highlight the problem by walking a day in a senior care workers shoes.

But today, much still needs to be done, Now! Why?

Because click here now and actually read this article for real @ 7-8 million senior care workers needed by 2027

Just Do Jesus Mobile & Media Territory platform is licensed to life insurance agents by SONDAY Syndication CEO Simms. The life insurance agents apply the Tools of 50 Billionaires, the 8 actions of Jesus to $17,500 of two senior client aged 62+ underfunded 401k, IRA or low interest paying bank accounts or cash values inside their policies.

The !7,500 of a seniors underfunded cash values inside their  life insurance policy, IRA or 401k of a senior’s inadequately funded retirement accounts are by their SONDAY Syndication CEO Certified life insurance agent guidance re-ddirected to sponsor one of their family members they select to live in their home to operate a BFS 350 Business.

Just Do Jesus trademark Mobile & media territory ministry founder Kermit Simms is on a mission to use the tools of 50 billionaires, 8 Actions of Jesus to monetize the underutilized space & tools of 2 life insurance agent’s senior clients to sponsor a family member to live with them to monetize the underutilized space & tools of the senior.

SONDAY Syndication CEO Kermit Simms is on a mission to provide funding to his childhood friend and brother-like Stan Foster Media CEO. Stan will produce & direct multi-media advertising programs in partnership of SONDAY Syndication Series L3C. The strategies shared inside All The Kings Children 501c3 apprenticeship program.

The two film projects All The Kings Children 501c3 will co-produce, Stan will direct, if permitted, is a sequel to Preacher’s Kid film and a film on the life & community development impact in the tools of media maven Cathy Hughes, HBCU Impact of Oprah Winfrey, Climate warning vision of Byron Allen, pioneer work of Bob Johnson.

$6497 program designed by Pastor Simms in honor of 3 Kings.

#1 King Jesus. The King of Kings for moral exampleship.

Jesus executed 8 Actions. One was syndication of his leaders into cities that he would come. Jesus enrolled 12 Apostles. If you do all 8 Jesus’ 8 actions they would revolutionize your personal finances at home.

All details are covered in $6497 Apprenticeship Program Product.

#2 King David. He killed, cut off giant Goliath’s head (Authority & strategies) with Goliath’s own Sword. King David then took the head of Goliath back to Jerusalem, which is the home of the people of God’s leadership. Next he took Goliath’s Sword (a weapon of defense of the Authority & Strategies of enemies of truth; back to his own home.

#3 Roger King. He demonstrated by his moral courage in business transactions with both his financial power & media positioning, as a white billionaire, with both a black woman (Oprah Winfrey) & a black man Byron Allen. Roger King business syndication transactions that put Oprah Winfrey & Byron Allen over billions in assets.

Enough can not be said to honor these 3 examples of Biblical, historic and current business environments in execution of the movement of masses by the tool of syndication.

The goal of the trilogy of (1) Just Do Jesus Mobile & Media Territory Ministry (3) SONDAY Syndication Series L3C & (3) All the King’s Children 501c3c Apprenticeships is adequate sponsorships.

Therefore, we do our marketing by paying $3500 referral commissions on sales of the $6497 Business Finance Suite 360 protest product & $350 Month shared staffing & TECH FEES fee for the SONDAY Syndication of the Preacher’s Kid Branded Combined Healthcare, Finance Firm, employee Benefits agency in a county media territory.

All the Kings Children 501c3 model is to enroll 100 Atlanta based life insurance agents & 100 registered nurses. Each in teams of two will be placed over one life insurance agent & one registered nurse in each of the capital cities in all 50 states certified life insurance agent & RN living in each of 3120 broadcast media syndication territories.

Each life insurance agent & Registered nurse living in one of 3120 media territories will enroll 2 of their clients who sponsor one of their family members into the virtual version of All the King Children 501c3, Four Month, pre-paid Apprenticeship program. It covers StartChurch Legal Structures, PHI Personal Care Standards & Finance.

All The Kings Children 501c3 to finance & life insurance agents & nurses nationally to solve the need of 7-8 million senior care workers & family members of seniors.

In order to do this SONDAY Syndication CEO Simms researched a solution from his own career as a life insurance agent & commercial lending program & the following:

How The AARP 501c3 has 8 Legal Entities to reach their mission to provide support to it’s members aged 50+.

How United Way 501c3 has a proven model to raise money from employees paychecks to share with local Non-profits who do much of the actual work in their communities.

The tools of 50 billionaires

The pre-selected 8 Actions of Jesus.

The life of amazing community development media billionaires like Cathy Hughes.

Cathy Hughes is a Preacher’s Kid.

1. The Problem.

There is a need for over 7-8 million senior care workers.

2. Solution.

Preparing 7-8 million new people on-line via PHI National Standard of quality.

3. The process.

Enroll both current CNA (certified nursing assistance & many other only paid worker in All the Kings Children Apprenticeship Program.

SONDAY Syndication CEO strategy is to pre-fund them & Prepare more people to earn base salaries & 8 employee benefits alternatives @

The 8 Employee Benefit Alternatives are provided, If they successfully complete the virtual All the Kings Children 501c3 Apprenticeship Program

1. A $2400 per month ordained personal care workers ministers housing allowance.

2. A s2a Modular Home with only a $350 per month monthly mortgage payments.

3. A Tesla Model 3 initially.

4. In 2-3 years, a Tesla Semi.

All must become members of Just Do Jesus Mobile & Media Ministry and agree to willfully pay tithes and offerings, like prototype member Carolyn Rich.

Anyone can pay $6497 & $350 per month to sponsor our pre-paid apprenticeship program.

Anyone can you be certified by Just Do Jesus Mobile & Media Territory as an ordained personal care worker minister.

Once you successfully compete the $6497 four month All the Kings Children 501c3, pre-paid $350 per month program, you will be granted a $2400 per month  JDJ Ordained personal care workers ministers housing allowance @ Startchurch.

Once you complete the All The Kings Children 4 Month Apprenticeship program, if you choose to work full-time as a Just Do Jesus Mobile & Media Territory Certified & Ordained Personal Care worker,

you can be granted by JDJ on-line Virtual church ministry pastor Kermit Simms’

two times per week live event personal seat Licensee attendance for two years,

use of a ministry issued $42,000 TESLA MODEL 3, renewable every two years if you qualify

If you choose to work full-time in  JDJ Ministry will be provided:

1. a base salary of $3,000 per month,

2. plus the $2400 per month

JDJ will give the Tesla Model 3 to Certified personal care workers who continue working full-time in Just Do Jesus Ministry firm called How Finance Works.


All Preacher’s Kid Branded Personal care workers certified by

Why be trained to become a graduate of $6497 All The Kings Children 501c3 Apprenticeship program?

Once you complete it, you will no longer have a car payment nor a house payment.

There are 8 actions of Jesus, if you would do them in this All The Kings Children 501c3 Apprentionship program,

you will earn a $2400 per month tithe-sharing income to pay your home living expenses and be awarded a $42,000 Tesla Model.

So no more house payments or car payments.

With a software upgrade you can buy later, your driverless Tesla Model 3 becomes a Robotaxi to generate for you a passive $30,000 per year income,

All the King’s Children 501c Director Kermit Simms is on a mission to fully fund a $3,000 per month Apprenticeship Program.

How? Through the pre-licensing Preacher’s King virtual healthcare staffing firms to registered nurses. All territories are professionally managed for them, while they work their jobs, just like a 401k, IRA or cash values inside a life insurance policy.

All co-funded by 2 aged 62+ clients of a local life insurance agent in each Preacher’s Kid branded media territory.

Just Do Jesus trademark Mobile & Media Territory Ministry trademark owner, Finance Minister Kermit Simms is Founder of SONDAY Syndication Series L3C & Executive Visionary Officer of pre-paid 4 month All The King’s Children 501c3 Apprenticeship Program.

Our donors buy $6497 Business Finance Suite 360 Product to support our apprenticeship program or our CEO certified life insurance agents refer BFS 360 product to Registered nurses or seniors to earn $3500 commissions x 1 per week income for you.

(We provide to you wkly RN sales leads x 52 wks = $182,000 yrly).

The BUYING & SELLING BY REFERRAL OF THE $6497 Business Finance Suite 360 is the official protest product for financing THE BUILD OUT OF A NEW PREACHER’S KID BRANDED Digital HEALTHCARE STAFFING, FINANCE FIRM, EMPLOYEE BENEFITS ecosystem infrastructure. 

In order to build a new fairer, more just & generous Nation in the Cloud, SONDAY Syndication CEO Kermit Simms is intensely focused on establishing a national team of LIFE INSURANCE AGENTS.

SONDAY SYNDICATION CEO CERTIFIED LIFE insurance agents will be trained to access the 8 top trillion dollars pools of debt capital & equity capital.

MISSION: To finance a new digital infrastructure in the cloud of a more just & fair racial & gender ecosystem on planet earth.

Each life insurance agent is assigned to work full-time for a working Registered nurse to build out the RN‘S Preacher’s Kids branded Digital healthcare staffing firm for them.

The insurance agent is certified to finance & building a multimedia, finance & digital staffing technology platform for 8 Employee Benefits Alternatives RNs & others working from homes.

SONDAY Syndication Certified agents & two of their age 62+ clients will fund the ecosystem to support the full-time staffs of Just Do Jesus home-based churches, staffs of in-home SONDAY School Alternatives, lowly paid staff or volunteer workers of non-profits orgs & low paid owners of small businesses.

Agents certified home senior-care workers, volunteer staffs & BFS 360 business owners will pre-license Digital Preacher’s Kid branded staffing firms.

As a childhood friend of Stan Foster, SONDAY Syndication Founder-CEO Kermit Simms designed All The Kings Children 501c3 Apprenticeship program to certify 5 stones of  King David.

All will work under godly restraint to help sleight the Goliath of multi-media deception about the dangers of global warming, pandemics, racial inequality, economic inequality, underpaid salaries of low income workers, like CNAs, homeless, etc.

There is needed 7-8 millions CNAs.

So our certified family members of seniors will contractually add to the salary of current CNAs. Who?

All new All The King’s Children’s certified people $500 wkly subsidies to CNAs & CEO’s Proprietary 8 Employee Benefits Alternative Packages.

It’s time to take Goliath’s Sword from him & give to All The King’s Children to defend all. 

After King David knocked down Goliath, he then went and took Goliath’s own sword, from his side. Then took Goliath sword & cut off his Head (Authority & Strategies).   King David took Goliath’s Sword (Defender of Goliath’s Authority & Strategies) back to his own home. Today Goliath’s Sword & 5 Stones of King David are @ BFS 360.

.Simms founded SONDAY Syndication Series L3C to apply the tools of 50 billionaires, 8 actions of Jesus to finance building tiny homes & robot generated income for 1st the homeless as billionaire tool #3 (An AIRBNB on steroids program)  SONDAY Syndication CEO personally sponsors the All The Kings Children assist the address homeless & create incomes for retirees from the profitable movement of freight, finance and folks.

SONDAY Syndication CEO sponsors All The Kings Children Apprenticeship Program to address homelessness & create incomes for homeless to retirees, even underpaid CNA workers & jobless from profitable movement of freight, finance & folks. Insurance agents both individual aged 62+ seniors with underfunded 401k, IRA or cash values in their life insurance policies as retirement accounts & agents request Human Resource Offices to sponsor selected family members’ All The Kings children Apprenticeship.

The aged 62+ senior (Diana’ in our prototype-type sponsored family member (Joshua in our prototype) to be prepared over a 4 month period to successfully run from his sponsoring senior’s home a professionally managed BFS 360 business to subside the retirement income of an insurance agent, Carolyn, Diana, Joshua & a team of Certified Nursing Assistants to collective provide both personal care and personal healthcare services on the highest level, like Stan Foster’s Silver Screen in home senior care does.

One of Goliath’s Sword used by white Billionaire Roger King to lift both a black woman to Gender racial equality) Oprah & a black man, Byron Allen the owners of the weather channel syndication that was bought by Allen to save our lives in the distribution of truth about climate change.

The billionaire tools syndication of  TV program syndication, Cable TV Channel syndication with the financial support of of a white billionaire Roger King is a model for All The King’s Children apprenticeship program to know  “White Mentors Matter”.

John Malone, another white media billionaire, friend of Ted Turner, was a mentor of Black Robert Johnson “Bob” cable syndication of Black Entertainment TV.

Cathy Hughes’ initial radio program syndication in partnership with DJ Tom Joyner was the nation’s first black company that trades on the New York Stock Exchange. CEO Sims’s goal is to re-create one life insurance agent in each of 3120 counties to establish a team of 5 leaders to unite to build up their community, like Cathy Hughes built hers.

How did SONDAY Syndication CEO Kermit Simms design All the King’s Children 501c Apprenticeship Program’s version of 5 Stones of King David?

King David’s Stone #1. One Preacher’s Kid (Proto-type Kermit Simms as Ordained Minister) per Live Event studio audience virtual personal seat licenser to life insurance agent in each of the 3120 SONDAY Syndication Series L3C CEO’s broadcast syndication licensing of the Preacher’s Kid branded combined healthcare staffing, finance firm, technology re-seller of senior care & family sponsors of all on-going digital & robotic technologies & robot generated income to finance affordable housing & eliminate debts.

King David’s Stone #2. One life insurance agent ) Carolyn Rich as Farmer’s Daughter Commercial real estate development firm per Live Event Studio audience virtual personal seat licensee to reach one insurance agent (Leleta). She empowered 16 agents in both states of NV virtually & PA locally to market All The King’s Children 501c3 Four Month pre-paid Apprenticeship Program to life insurance clients & Human Resource Offices in two of 3120 SONDAY Syndication CEO’s broadcast media territories.

Carolyn Rich’s Flagship Affordable BOXABL Home product to be pre-sold by her SONDAY Syndication CEO’s produced for her Farmer’s Daughter’s CRE Development Brand Firm. 

Through the SONDAY Syndication of All The King’s Children 501c3 certified agent. Each agent sponsored Preacher’s Kid Branded Digital Agencies life insurance agents package is certified o build local relationships with four groups of officers (1) Human Resource Officers (2) Diversity Officers (3) Contract Officers (4) Procurement Officer.

King David’s Stone #2. One Register Nurse per Live Event studio audience virtual personal seat license purchaser to buy pre-license the rights to one Preacher’s Kid branded Digital Health Staffing Firms per counth to Syndicate All The King’s Children 4 mo prepaid apprenticeship program in to establish 1 of 16 county broadcast syndication county media territories of the Preacher’s Kid Branded combined healthcare staffing, finance marketing & CEO’s proprietary 8 employee benefits alternatives program.

King David’s Stone #4. Two Age 62+ clients of an All The King’s Children Certified life insurance agent with either $17,500 of underfunded cash value in their life insurance policy, or sitting in low interest paying bank accounts or in their underfunded 401k or IRA to invest in rights to one of 3120 county broadcast syndication media territories.

King David’s Stone #5. One family member, as supportive staff of an age 62+ senior, as family purchase of a new modular home with 50% reverse mortgage & 50% of commissions generated from the referral sales of commercial loans from sales leads in 1 of 3120 SONDAY Syndication CEO’s County broadcast syndication media territories.

As a licensed insurance agent, commercial loan broker & Healthcare staffing technology re-seller, Founders Simms’ vision is to re-train life insurance agents to assist their individual clients & new 8 employee benefits alternative administration offices to invest in the new All The King’s Children 501c3’s Digital Wealth & Health Ecosystem.

by purchasing the $6497 Business Finance 360 protest product.

Mr. Simms designed the purchase of Business Finance Suite 360 Product as an ecosystem. It is the official financing tool for donors to financially support building a national digital infrastructure for the new economic ecosystem for All The King’s Children 501c3 4 month pre-paid Apprenticeship program in 3120 counties.

SONDAY Syndication CEO Simms mission is to certify in groups of 5 Rocks of David to literally sleight the giants of wealth inequity, racial injustices, re-entry programs for former prisons & the construction, donor investment contract financing to build a totally new infrastructure ecosystem for shared wealth from Tiny Houses to Robot incomes.

SONDAY Syndication CEO Kermit Simms re-envisioned the 501c3 originally founded by Loretta Morgan of CCG Consultants. The new All The Kings Children 501c3 Apprenticeship program is the distributor of a brand new, racially fair, socially just ecosystem of wealth distribution & financier of Digital health by percision preventive health solutions. The entire Business Finance Suite 360 ecosystem is distributed in the cloud.

All The King’s Children is financed buying an official $6497 social protest product called Business Finance Suite 360 or $17,500 Preacher’s Kid Branded combined Healthcare Staffing, finance firm & Simms proprietary 8 Employee Benefits Alternative Firm. CEO’s Proprietary 8 Employees Benefits Agency is the lead flagship product embedded into each one of first 100 ATL Registered Nurses healthcare staffing, Finance firm in 1 of 3120 SONDAY Syndication CEO’s Digital Broadcast Media Territories.

The choice of the “Tiny homes or AIRBNB Billionaire tool licensing of robo-generated incomes for All The King’s Chidren Apprenticeship Program certified groups of 5 David Stones. All sold by life insurance agents per county media broadcast territory. It is the roll of one agent in each of the 3120 SONDAY Syndication CEO’s Live event virtual personal seat licensees to CEO’s virtual audience seat to enroll for their assigned Registered Nurse, like agent Simms did for Dr Chase, DDS in the Reno prototype.

In each of the 3120 County Media territories, one life insurance agent with 2 aged 62 clients with underfunded accounts to establish the local 5 Stones of David Team.

David’s Stone #1. One Certified Nursing Assistant to be provided to the healthcare staffing & proprietary 8 Employee Benefits firm pre-licensed to a registered nurse.

David’s Stone #2. One life insurance agent

David’s Stone #3. One

All Teams of 5 Stones of David in each of the 3120 SONDAY Syndication CEO’s Livestream Broadcast Media territories will build a new ecosystem of financing the digital infrastructure for the re-distribution of capital from 8 trillion dollar pools of money. All The King’s Children 501c3 Program was Designed by Simms in honor of two Kings.

King #1 Moral leader, Jesus, as King of Kings. King #2  Roger King, who by personal example used the tool of TV program syndication to empower both Oprah Winfrey (black female) & Byron Allen (Black Male) to become billionaires.


personally guided by 4 bible verses in the area of finance.

A. Ecclesiastes 11:2. It states you should invest in 8 Business Incomes.

B. Duet 15:6 It states “You Shall  Lend Unto Many Nations…..International Lending.

C. Matt 28:19 “Go teach all nations….International Teaching.

D. Genesis 1;29, Put man over a territory )The garden of Eden.

a 40 year career life insurance agent @ How Money Works.

Financial Planner Kermit Simms founded SONDAY Syndication Series L3C in order to personally sponsor the distribution of All The King’s Children 501c3 4 mo pad apprenticeship program. Mr. Simms firmly believe that properly trained life insurance agents, certified Nursing Assistants & a family member of seniors should attend.

The coming tsunami of artificial intelligence, machine learning & robots to eliminate 800 million jobs in next few years. People won’t have jobs. They still need incomes.

Over 7-8 millions workers are needed in the in home senior care industry. We can generate income to subsidize their incomes & all without any training, skills or even a job.

So a new infrastructure for an economic system of financial equity & fairness must be developed for the mentally impaired, emotionally ill, drug & alcohol addicted family members, homeless, disabled, as well as under-funded retirement accounts of seniors who can’t work a job for whatever reason. All still need a safe home & a good  income.

All The King’s Children shares a number of incomes that are not generated by labor.

1. TV Program Syndication Income: Oprah Winfrey & cast of Friends TV Shows in syndication. Friends cast earn $20 million yr  (with no labor) since 2004 from the Show.

2. Media & Territory Eco-system generated income; from media broadcast territories & from personal seat licenses to fund football stadiums. Homeless needs funds too!

3. Robot generated incomes from digital humans, a driverless Tesla Robotaxi & Semi & professionally managed AIRBNBs to provide income to homeless, youth & seniors.

4. Non-labor based incomes @ netchex.

Our 8 Employees Benefits Alternatives to traditional financial products are sold to Dentists, CNAs, Registered Nurses, HealthCare professionals & selected family members sponsored by seniors who financially support All The King’s Children 501c3’s 4 mo, prepaid Digital StaffingDigital Marketingrobots & finance Apprenticeship Program.

All The King’s Children 501c3 Apprenticeships certify life insurance agents professionally manage for busy healthcare professionals, a combined Digital Staffing firmfinance firm, Digital Marketing Agency & Driverless Tesla Robotaxi Promotion firm generate 8 incomes for Healthcare pro as our sponsors’ mutual fund alternatives.

They re-direct $17,500 of their 401k, IRA or cash values inside their life insurance policies to All of God’s Children’s Apprenticeship Program.

All The King’s Children partner & 1 Powerhouse staff & volunteers do the work to run for our clients:

(1) Digital Staffing firms for health professionals, dental offices and churches.

(2) Digital Employee Benefits Administration Firms for Non-profits.

(3) Digital Finance Marketing Firms for healthcare professionals and other clients.

(4) We provide financial literacy programs by How Money Works to we build people’s lives.

(5) We provide finance literacy program by How Finance Works literacy programs.

We don’t only provide food to homeless and others, our flagship Business Finance Suite 360 eliminates car, home & student loan debt from our people’s lives.

All The Kings Children 501c3 Apprenticeships certified life insurance agents, family members of seniors & health pros all sponsor ICON Tiny Houses for Homeless.

The # 1 billion Tool that was applied by Roger King to the Oprah Show is  TV Program Syndication.

Source of funding the cars? Sponsors of the Oprah Winfrey Show. Jesus had 12 sponsors. His Apostles.

The #2 billionaire tool. Personal Seat Licenses that finance building football stadiums now will finance building business credit & CEO’s robot generated incomes to finance 8 Employee Benefits Alternatives.

1. Home Mortgage Payment Alternative.

2. Mutual Fund Alternative.

3. Pension Alternative to early to a full $200,000 per year robot generated income. 

Would you like 12 attendees in one of 50 state broadcast syndication media territories of the All the King’s Children Apprenticeship Program to co-sponsor you a $42,000 Tesla Model 3?

Then buy a $17,500 SONDAY Syndication CEO’s virtual Live Event Audience personal seat license?

Would you pay $350 per mo for rights to your virtual personal seat license in order to receive your very own $42,000 driverless Tesla Model 3? This provided to you ASAP, while waiting on your healthcare staffing firm.

The upgrade of your Tesla Model 3 (in 3 years) generate $30,000 per year for you put back in your 401k, IRA or cash values from your life insurance policy. Plus your agent enroll 12 co-sponsor in your state you receive;

A Senior & Homeless Ministers Housing Allowance up to $2400 mo (while waiting on your Tesla Model 3 to be upgraded to driverless Robotaxi $30,000 yr income.

The CEO is now enrolling the 1st 100 Atlanta based RNs who are;

Currently investing from their salary $350+ mo that is taken out your check;

(A) Stop the 401k from being taken out your check @ their job,

(B. Go get the 401k sitting in an ($6497+ or more from your formal job.

Why? All the King‘ s Children 501c NPO has RNs invest in our CEO’s proprietary 8 Employee Benefits Alternatives consisting of income generated by robots, digital humans andcommercial loan commissions.

(A) invest in a $6497 BFS 360 Product & Finance business to:

(1) build their business credit over 2-3 years,

(2) Re-direct & $350 mo from your 401k payment @ your job.

Apply same $350 Mo 401k account money to buying the rights to a “professionally managed state media territory” for the Preacher’s Kid Branded Combined Healthcare staffing, finance firm & employee benefits package.

You are asked to simply re-direct both $6497 to $17,500 of underfunded or low interest paying money sitting money in banks, credit unions, 401k, IRA or cash values in our life insurance policies.

Then stop paying $350 per month in your long term investments on your job at your Human Resources officer.

CEO Simms says Invest in your own Digital Home Health Care on-line staffing firm, while you are still working.

Invest in a Preacher’s Kid branded Digital Healthcare Staffing, commercial finance leads  & Tesla Promo firm.

Why? The demand for in-home CNA workers right now is @ 7-8 Million. We pay them $500 per week bonuses.

Aging Care: Plus The Importance of Family Support

Apr 21, 2017 by Robert Myer

Many seniors have to face loneliness every day. They feel disconnected from society and disassociated from their families as life progresses and burdens become harder to bear. Adult children become more invested in their own professional and personal lives and often forget to offer the support their parents need. While aging care providers do offer some support and help, they can’t replace family members, which is why family support is very important.

Why is Family Support so Important?

Many seniors and aging care providers agree that nothing can replace family support. While aging care providers are better trained and have more knowledge regarding senior health concerns, they don’t generate the same level of trust and affection as family members, and that makes all the difference.

  • Understanding Subtle Cues – Seniors are often incapable of communicating or moving around freely. Family members who have known seniors for decades know how to read the subtle cues and understand a senior’s attempts at conversation.
  • Helping the Aging Care Providers – Family members can help aging care providers by explaining the senior’s preferences, dislikes, likes, habits, etc. This can help the care experts provide superior service and ensure the seniors are happy.
  • Still a Part of the Family – Seniors need to feel like they’re still a part of the family. They view family as their anchor in this world so if they don’t have regular contact with the family, they’ll feel more disconnected. Such individuals are more likely to slip into depression.

How Can You Provide Family Support?

Professional and personal commitments can be a big hindrance and distract you from providing enough support to your senior loved one. Here are some ways in which you can support them in small but helpful ways:

  • Call every day and spend a few minutes to keep your seniors updated about what’s happening in your life.
  • Visit as often as you can. Visiting at least once a week can help your seniors feel like they’re a part of your life.
  • Bring your children and partner to visit your senior loved one.

As you can see, family support is very important and you don’t need to invest a lot of time or effort to provide it.

Even busy professionals can take a few minutes out of their day to pay attention to their parents. You can also arrange visits by excellent aging careproviders who can fill the gap and offer your loved senior loved one some companionship. However, some assistance is needed by both family members & Senior health care workers.

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